Dear Libs: Stop Shaming Morons Who Take Livestock Drugs Instead of a Free Vaccine

The following editorial was written by conservative talk radio host Dustin Pewpson. The views and expressed herein are not necessarily those of this outlet, its ownership, or staff. You can listen to Mr. Pewpson every afternoon from 1-3pm on WKKK-AM in Dicksberg, Tennessee.

Let me make one thing very clear from the outset — people aren’t taking horse dewormers for COVID-19, despite what the cucks in the press tell you. They’re taking a medicine that is approved for both humans and horses, and they’re taking the horse-level dosage. Okay? So yes, technically they are, in fact, overdosing on horse medication, but they’re doing it because they’re too stupid to realize that the drug they’re taking is the one Marjorie Taylor Greene’s vet prescribes for hear heartworms, not because they think horse drugs cure COVID.

And this gets us to the heart of the issue. Why are liberals so mean to idiots who overdose on a drug instead of getting a free vaccine which, to this point, has caused no overdose events to occur?  Liberals are always so smug with us after we boast about doing something stupid and/or risky, and then face consequences for those stupid and/or risky choices.


Why is that?

Is it because we keep calling them literal baby killing demons who hate America and try to force us to not treat minorities like shit? Is it because we spend most of our time online trolling them, saying “fuck your feelings to them,” and generally shitting all over them? Is it because we call liberalism a “mental disorder” and pretend that the only real patriots in this country are the ones who worship an invisible magic man in the sky while saluting a magic freedom rag while a song written by a racist slaveholder plays in the background?

You’re just all so nasty and mean and rude. How dare you laugh when someone who proudly says they’re skipping a life saving vaccine, and encourages other to do so, dies? Sure, that’s him literally getting what he asked for, and yes, we are the party of people being personally responsible, but it hurts our FEELINGS when you do that, and when we say “fuck your feelings,” there is an emphasis on “your” for a reason. OUR feelings are legally required to be protected. Check the Constitution, because it’s in there, I swear!

What gives you the right to be sarcastic and snide with a bunch of people who don’t like you, don’t respect your right to live a life free of a preventable virus and preventable gun violence?! Stop shaming us for the natural consequences of our idiocy and instead embrace us for being so in love with freedom and liberty that we are killing ourselves off and filling up COVID wards, preventing your loved ones from getting medical treatments they need!

It’s just so rude. Predictable, of course, from a bunch of commie socialist libtard cucks, but still, you’re all very rude to us, you soulless socialist Sharia loving goons!


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