‘The Mandalorian’ Will Digitally Replace Gina Carano With AOC Wearing a Mask

BURBANK, CALIFORNIA — It’s been a busy week for Disney Star Wars news, and today will be no different.

Following on the heels of “The Mandalorian” choosing to let actress Gina Carano go — due to her social media political stances — Lucasfilm has issued an official statement via the Disney+ official redactions Twitter account, “@DisneyPlusOopsSorry.”

Disney+ Retraction’s statement and tweet, below:

Cara Dune will be replaced on the streaming platform digitally by a superimposed AOC wearing a mask.




“This comes at a very opportune moment in our 21st century. Starting on February 19th, all episodes featuring feisty Cara Dune, will be digitally replaced using the likeness of New York’s 14th congressional district representative: none other than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,” explained Kathleen Kennedy, President of LucasFilm, told us.

“We are living through the worst pandemic in the last one hundred years, and this will allow us the opportunity to actually be proactive. And remind people to wear their masks. This is the way, you know,” She laughs as she details to Outer Rim News of the recent casting choice.

The news also follows the recent editing out of “Jeans guy” having been digitally removed by “The Mandalorian” from its fourth episode of the second season. Replacing Carano with AOC will be much more apparent, of course, since Cara Dune isn’t a character that people might have blinked and missed altogether.

Cara Dune appears in a total of 5 episodes, and is present in both seasons of the bounty hunter in space TV show. So removing the character was never an option, instead, she is being re-cast by a face filter of AOC in a mask.

The young representative will, of course, be busy working at the Capitol to lend her voice or to re-record the scenes, therefore, photos will be used, and an AI will be used to pitch Dune’s dialogue to match AOC’s closely.

Both Lucasfilm and Kennedy agree, that the best way to wrong a far right, is a somewhat of a left.

“AOC is our generation’s Social Justice Warrior Strong Woman, so who better to replace Gina?”

This comes as a surprise to many fans who expected someone like Lucy Lawless to take over the role.

Mack Turgid, leader of the Gina Carano Fan Club on Facebook explained his concern to us via Zoom.

“How can strong woman not be large and muscular? AOC is none of these things. Strong woman means a tower of a goddess. Not this SJW [expletive deleted] liberals keep trying to ram down our throats,” Turgid said.“You HAVE to be a soy beta male [expletive deleted] to NOT realize that this is how our freedom of speech ends. With thunderous applause.”

“The Mandalorian” season three will air in 2022. But as of next Friday, Cara Dune will no longer look the same. Time for a REWATCH!


Irving M is a writer, and has been known to make stuff up onto blank screens when it comes to Art, Film & Design.