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Ivanka’s ‘Getting Used to Having Daddy’s Subpoenas’ Waved In Her Face


NEW YORK, NEW YORK — The New York Attorney General has issued subpoenas to two of former one-term, twice forever impeached President Don Trump’s children in connection to their investigation of the Trump Organization. Despite the fact that getting a court summons and a demand to appear might be off-putting for some, former First Lady Ivanka Trump told Fox News this morning that she isn’t concerned about the subpoenas she was just served.

“Well, Tomi, obviously this latest round of subpoenas is another political hit job on President Daddy. So, I really don’t look at them as my subpoenas. They’re President Daddy’s subpoenas, actually,” Ivanka explained, “and I’m used to having Daddy’s subpoenas waved in my face.”

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Ms. Trump acknowledged that she has been the recipient of several subpoenas on behalf of her father. Over time, she’s “developed a thick skin” for them. Now, she says, she laughs about all the subpoenas her father has forced on her.

“You know, there are just some things that are the cost of doing business, and there are others that are the cost of doing organized crime. Subpoenas come with the territory, and quite frankly, Tomi, I’ll be glad to take as much of Daddy’s subpoenas as I can stomach,” Ivanka promised.

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