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A Complete List of Republican Interns Who Will No Longer Get Abortions After SCOTUS Shreds Roe


It seems that the nation is closer than it’s been in 50 years to allowing states to restrict access to abortion care completely.

Despite assurances to the Senate judiciary committee to the contrary, three conservative Supreme Court Justices — appointed by Donald Trump — are poised to throw out the landmark ruling that affirmed a right to a safe, legal abortion before the point of medical viability for the fetus in question. If the draft opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito is the majority opinion, after fifty years, the right to an abortion will no longer be the law of the land. It’s a mission that evangelical Americans have been on since the high court issued the opinion in 1973.

Because it’s been a policy platform plank of the Republican Party for decades, one might assume that Republican interns would be the first women who would stop undergoing abortion procedures if Roe vs. Wade is struck down. After careful examination of the data, and exhaustive research, this outlet can now publish a definitive list of the Republican interns who will no longer get an abortion, after the Supreme Court strikes down Roe.

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