Stephen Miller Was ‘Devastated’ to Find Out the Only Nazi Trump Praised Was Hitler

According to a book that will soon hit store shelves and online retailers, former one-term, twice-permanently impeached President Donald J. Trump told his then-Chief of Staff John Kelly that he thought there might be some things Adolf Hitler deserves praise for. Details of the encounter are found in Michael Bender’s upcoming book about the Trump administration, however The Guardian obtained advanced copies of it, and published the excerpt in question.

“Well, Hitler did a lot of good things,” Trump told Kelly during a 2018 official visit to Europe to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, according to the Michael Bender book “Frankly, We Did Win This Election.” (Source)

It’s unclear at this time if Gen. Kelly was able to persuade Mr. Trump that Hitler wasn’t someone to be praised. However, word has just also leaked that when former Secretary of Race War Stephen Miller found about the incident, he was, according to a source who spoke to us anonymously, “completely broken up and devastated.” Apparently, Miller took it personally that Trump heaped praise on Hitler but “not on the Nazi nearest and dearest to him.”


“By the time this incident took place, Stephen and the president had been working side-by-side for over a year,” our source told us. “So it really took Stephen by surprise when Trump dumped praise all over Hitler, not the Nazi nearest and dearest to him. Who, of course, Stephen thought of himself as.”

Our source says Miller’s demeanor was “sad and dejected” for a few days after Trump praised Hitler.

“From the very moment that Stephen came into the administration, he hit the ground with his jackboots goose-stepping,” our source said. “He was giving the president racist, nativist policies that his base would eat up, no matter how cruel or unconstitutional. Time and again, Stephen showed Trump his loyalty, and he felt that when the opportunity arose for reciprocation, Trump didn’t show Stephen the same love Stephen showed him.”

Ultimately, our source says that Miller was able to get over his hurt.

“Stephen knew that for the good of the fatherland, our führer must be given wide berth, both literally and metaphorically speaking,” our source explained. “Once Stephen remembered he needed to put the needs of the white nation ahead of his own ego, he fell back in line, and back in love with the president, and things were really rosy between them from then on.”


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