Ted Cruz Defends Klansman’s YouTube Channel: “It Presents the N-Word for Debate in the Marketplace of Ideas”

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Sen. Ted Cruz is a frequent guest on alleged comedian Steven Crowder’s YouTube show.

Last week, Mr. Cruz weighed in on the subject of whether Mr. Crowder is entitled to force YouTube to host all his content and pay him for it, even if Crowder uses homophobic or racially-insensitive language. Crowder has come under fire recently after Vox journalist Carlos Maza said he got “fed up” with Crowder’s anti-gay and anti-Mexican slurs toward him, and posted a lengthy clip of those moments from Crowder’s show. Crowder has referred to Maza as a “lispy Mexican” and “fag.”

While some have found it at odds with his usual “small government” approach to policy, Mr. Cruz has been a strong advocate of government regulation of social media platforms. Cruz has been quite vocal about defending Crowder, but today during a radio interview he defended another popular right-wing YouTube personality who has been recently demonetized.

“Now, Herbie, I wanna talk about the case of a YouTube star known to everyone out there as N-Word Bill,” Cruz told Herbie Hanover of WCCC AM 1270 this morning, “He has a show that I’m sure a lot of your listeners are quite familiar with. Basically, he sits in front of his camera and spends anywhere from 30 minutes to six hours saying the N-word over and over again. Sometimes he puts in context of a sentence, sometimes he literally just says that word, but you get the idea. His show is quite literally about the N-word.”

N-Word Bill is known away from his YouTube channel as Grand Wizard William T. Palumbodella. Mr. Palumbodella has been a member of the Ku Klux Klan for twenty five years, and he is an unabashed white nationalist. Interestingly, Mr. Palumbodella says he’s “not that big a fan” of President Trump because of his famous response to white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“Trump goes and says they’s good people on both sides, but guess what, fam,” N-Word Bill recently asked his YouTube audience, “they ain’t! The only good people is on the side of keeping America as white as possible. Anyone who’s been around my cousin Six Toes Pete or my sister-cousin Lurleen’s tooth knows we gots the genes that we should be protectin’.”

Senator Cruz told Hanover on his radio show that he “may not personally agree with every instance of the N-word” that Bill uses, but he thinks YouTube should be “absolutely forced to pay him for each and every N-word he utters.”

“Does the Constitution not promise every American a Twitter account, every American a Facebook group? Call me silly all you want to,” Cruz said, “but

“Whether or not you or I would only use that word in our golf course clubhouses or when berating our service staff doesn’t mean Bill loses his right to force YouTube to pay him for screaming racial epithets,” Cruz said with evangelical furor, “and I will gladly die on that hill.:”

“Whether it’s Mr. Crowder’s race baiting homophobia, or N-Word Bill’s serial, unrelenting use of the N-word, the government has a duty to force private companies to pay people for content civilized people find revolting,” Cruz said emphatically.”To me, that smells like a heapin’ helpin’ of American freedom pie. I ask you, Herb ol’ Buddy ol’ pal, what kind of squishy un-American, fascist socialist, bleeding heart, unpatriotic, slime ball doesn’t love the taste of freedom pie? No one I want to know, Herb. No one I want to know.”

Cruz framed N-Word Bill’s show in the same light as he did Crowder’s.

“At the end of the arguments, what you find is that what and their right to profit off their racism by being called a racist,” Cruz said. “I will always defend N-Word Bill’s show because it presents the N-word for debate in the marketplace of ideas. And my warped and cynical, political view of freedom of speech allows me to do this and kinda sleep at night.”

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