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Poll: Most Americans ‘Totally Cool With’ North Korea Keeping Trump


Yesterday, South Korea announced that after having talks with North Korea, President Donald Trump would be invited to a summit between himself and North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong Un, hosted by South Korea. Within an hour or two, the White House announced that Trump would accept the offer of talks.

Despite conservatives blistering former President Barack Obama for suggesting that he’d be open to dealing with North Korea, the reaction from many in Trump’s base has been to praise the president for taking Un up on his offer. Others have been more skeptical of this meeting, saying it seems like high political theater more than anything else, and others have pointed out that vastly inexperienced Trump might be walking into some kind of diplomatic trap.

Regardless of what happens in May, when the talks are scheduled to begin, a new snap poll conducted by We Poll You So Good and NBC shows that a surprising number of Americans support Trump’s decision to go and meet with North Korea, provided, however, that he not come back.

62% of those responding to the survey said that they’d be “Totally Cool” or “Somewhat Fine” with North Korea keeping Trump permanently. The question, as posed by We Poll You So Good, is as follows:

How would you feel about North Korea keeping President Trump?

  • Totally Cool With It – 52%
  • Mostly Okay With It – 10%

Another question asked how long they’d be okay with Trump staying gone.

How long would you like North Korea to keep President Trump?

  • Is Forever On The Table? – 60%
  • Mostly Okay With It – 12%

Not all the questions on the survey were related to Trump’s visit to North Korea. We Poll You So Good took the opportunity to also ask respondents some more generalized questions about President Trump.

How much do you believe President Trump still likes Russian whore piss, is a racist AF, and wants to fuck his own daughter?

  • With My Whole Being – 75%
  • Pretty Much Entirely – 10%

The White House has not commented on this poll yet. However, President Trump reportedly dropped his smartphone in the toilet, so once he recovers it, a tweet about it could be forthcoming.

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